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Realty Pro Inspection is your premier home inspector providing certified professional home inspections. We can give you the inspection you deserve. Purchasing a home is your biggest investment, therefore you can trust that my inspection will help you make that important decision. I will inspect your new home’s roof (if safe to do so), exterior, interior, doors and windows, plumbing and electrical, foundation, and HVAC components.


Give me a call and let’s get started towards owning that new home.


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Move in Certified?Is your home pre-inspected & Move-In Ready?


It should be! 

People who live in a house for a long time often overlook the defects. It’s not that they’re trying to hide them – they just don’t notice them anymore.
To catch these problems before it’s too late, consider hiring a professional to conduct a home inspection before putting your house on the market. In fact, having your home pre-inspected could save you money in the long run.

“It gives sellers time to obtain estimates and get repairs done, which is an advantage since jobs that are done fast usually cost more. Also, if you deal with these problems in the eleventh hour you may be forced to give the buyer some large credit that’s financially much more than what it would cost to repair these things yourself.

“A home that is listed as pre-inspected might also provide a marketing advantage”, says Elizabeth Mendenhall, vice president and liaison to committees for the National Association of Realtors and CEO of RE/MAX Boone Realty in Columbia, Mo.

That’s because prospective buyers are given a sense of security knowing that major problems have already been taken care of and won’t cost them a fortune down the line.

Are you buying a home?

Here are some advantages to buying a home that is Move-In Certified™:

  • The inspection has already been completed by the time you tour the home.
  • The inspection has already been paid for by the seller, giving you the option of waiving your inspection contingency, which streamlines the sales process.
  • A Move-In Certified™ Seller Inspection can help prevent 11th-hour re-negotiations and delays.
  • A Move-In Certified™ Seller Inspection can reveal problems ahead of time, which:
    • gives the seller time to make repairs;
    • permits the seller to attach repair estimates or paid invoices to the inspection report; and
    • gives you the information you need to make an informed home-buying decision.
There are distinct advantages of having access to a Move-In Certified™ Seller Inspection report:
  • The inspection generates an easy-to-read report that provides an accurate assessment by an unbias qualified third-party of the condition of the home.  This is an essential step in helping you in your decision-making process prior to making an offer.
  • The inspection report is hosted online, 24/7, for review at your convenience.
  • The report may relieve your unfounded suspicions and concerns before you decide to walk away from an otherwise great deal.

Ask the seller or real estate agent for access to the inspection report of a Move-In Certified™ property!


If you know the address of a Move-In Certified™ property, you can search here now.

Move in Certified?

Are you Representing Pre-Inspected Homes?

If you are, Great! Make sure you ask us for a free yard sign after your seller’s inspection is complete and direct buyers here to obtain their free report! 

If not please consider the advantages described here and on our agent page