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Video/Pictures of Defects | Realty Pro Inspection

Roof Defects

Shingle Uplift can Lead to Moisture Intrusion

Lack Of Underlayment Can Lead Moisture Intrusion

Loose Shingle Can Lead To Moisture Intrusion

Exterior Defects

Tree Overhanging A House Can Pose A Safety Hazard

Crushed Drain Spout Can Lead To Moisture Intrusion

Drain Spout Should Extend At Least 6 Feet From The Home To Prevent Moisture Intrusion

Exterior Damage Can Lead To Moisture Intrusion

Damages In siding Can Lead To Moisture Intrusion

Cracks/Holes In The Exterior Layer Of A House Can Lead To Moisture Intrusion

Electrical Defects

Exposed Wire Can Be A Safety Hazard

This Outdated Electrical Fuse Box Is Insufficient For Modern Homes

Wire Splices Should Never Be Outside Of The Electrical Panel

Hot/Neutral Reversed Causing a Shocking Hazard

Interior Defects

Mouse Droppings Can Indicate A Mouse Infestation

Uneven Stairs Can Pose A Tripping Hazard

High Levels Of Moisture Can Promote Mold Growth

Railing Defects

Deck Was Mising Screws Making It Unstable

Thermal Defects

Excessively Hot Electrical Receptacle Compared to Others

Excessive Heat Is Being Lost Through The Openings. This Is Often Caused By A Lack Of Weather Sealant

High Temperature Difference Can Allow Walls To Be Seen Through