In the picture bellow heat emitted from this person’s hand has caused the wall to become a few degrees warmer where they pressed it up against the wall.

Thermal Imaging

What is thermal imaging and why should anyone care? All objects give off infrared energy or heat. Thermal imaging detects the infrared radiation given off by objects. The reason this is important is because it can reveal far more about a house than could be detected with just a normal camera. Thermal imaging can reveal things that could not be seen with just a camera. The image to the left demonstrates how thermal imaging works.

The Image above shows overheated fuses on the right compared to normal fuses on the left.

Applications of Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging has several applications that can make it seem intimidating to some. However, a report should look similar with thermal imaging to a report without thermal imaging. At Realty Pro Inspection every thermal image will be paired with a normal image to help take the guess workout of it. Things that can be done with thermal imaging that could not have been done without it including.

  • Detecting overloaded fuses
  • Finding hidden moisture spots
  • Locating improper insulation
  • Locating air ducts
  • Finding appliances that are emitting to much heat while idle
  • Finding air openings into home
  • Detecting wood destroying organism’s clusters

The picture above shows the blue cold spots representing moisture intrusion in the ceiling compared to the normal picture of the ceiling.

Get Your Thermal Imaging Free With Your Home Inspection

Thermal imaging is only possible if there is a big enough temperature difference between outside and inside. Some days may not be possible for thermal imaging. It would also cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for a thermal inspection, but at Realty Pro Inspection it is included in the cost of a home inspection. For a FREE quote email or book an appointment online.